Ranthambore Safari Zone

There are total 10 safari zones in Ranthambore National Park. Zone 1-6 is known as core area and Zone 7-10 is known as buffer area.

  • Zone 1: It is the entry area through Singh Dwar. This zone has been popular due to the return of tiger Noor with her cubs and a lot of people spotted it. Other places in this zone where one can spot a tiger are: Sultanpur, Tuti Ka Nalla and Peela Pani.

  • Zone 2: This zone has reported a number of sightings of tiger as well as leopard as it has water points or lakes. Some places in this zone where people can spot a tiger are: Nal Ghati, Jogi Mahal and Phuta Kot.

  • Zone 3: In this zone, some primary points where sightings are reported are: Padam Talab, Raj Bagh and High Point. Padam Talab is one such point where you can wait to see some big tigers.

  • Zone 4: This zone used to be home of the famous tigress of Ranthambore, Machli. It has a number of places where tigers could be seen. Some important points for sighting are: Malik Talab, Singh Dwar, Lambi and Adidaant.

  •  The entry to this zone is same as zone 4. There are few common spots in this zone, which are: Baghda, Singh Dwar, Jokha and Anatpur.
  • Zone 6-10 were added later and access to these zones are at the completely opposite side from zone 1-5.

  • Zone 6: This zone shares its boundaries with zone 1, therefore, there are high chances of spotting tiger Noor with her cubs. It has more open lands with huge mountains, where one can spot the Indian Gazelle and a lot of different birds as well. As this zone is close to the village, sightings are reported of tiger Kumbha, killing and feeding on the cattle. Some points where tigers have been spotted in this zone are: Patwa Ki Baori, Kala Pani and Soleshwar.

  • Zone 7: This zone has comparatively fewer points for the sighting. Some of which are: Jamoda, Rajbagh Naka and Chidikho.
  • Zone 8: Same tigers as zone 7 could be spotted here. The areas where they were spotted earlier are: Neemli Dang, Bhat, Balas and Kali.

  • Zone 9: This zone is around 45 minutes away from the tiger reserve and is located on the banks of river of Chakal. This zone is home to the tiger Fateh, who is an aggressive male tiger, who was once captured on trap cams, killing a sloth bear. This zone is also home to Sloth Bears and Aquatic Birds.
  • Zone 10: In this zone, tigers as well as birds could be spotted at: Kushalipura, Banskhori and Aantri.

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